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Public register

Please note: The public register is currently not displaying address information in the Vehicle and Industry categories. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria provides a public register, which is a searchable set of information about industry participants and commercial passenger vehicle registrations.

You can use this register to view the accreditation status of drivers and driving instructors, confirm if a vehicle is currently registered as a commercial passenger vehicle, and view industry participant details.

The register provides access to the following categories:

  • drivers, including their endorsements and names
  • driving instructors
  • vehicles currently registered as a commercial passenger vehicle
  • Booking Service Providers, including their name and email address.

Information on how to read the results for drivers and driving instructors can be viewed here.

Our spreadsheet includes the vehicle registration numbers of currently registered commercial passenger vehicles.

Commmercial passenger vehicles registered as at 17 July 2018 XLSX, 762.7 KB

A vehicle is not currently registered as a commercial passenger vehicle if its vehicle registration number does not appear in the spreadsheet.

Our Booking Service Providers spreadsheet includes a list of accredited Booking Service Providers.

Booking Service Providers registered as at 17 July 2018 XLSX, 15.4 KB

Please note: both the Vehicle Registration and Booking Service Provider (BSP) spreadsheets are updated daily, except on weekends and public holidays.

Please note: CPVV is in the process of removing zones from the endorsements for drivers.

Using the register

Simply type in the six digit number e.g. 000001.

The six digit number is displayed on the photo identification card displayed on the front dashboard of the vehicle (see example below).Example of an accredited driver number

For vehicles, type in the vehicle registration number that can be found on the number plate at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Information on the public register is updated at 7am each business day.