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Taxi industry public forum

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) commenced as the industry regulator on 1 July 2013 and assumed responsibilities for implementing the taxi reform initiatives.

The taxi industry reform recommendations support the TSC broadening its industry consultation and engagement approaches and to have a strong presence in both metropolitan and regional Victoria.

The TSC conducted a series of public forums to ensure the taxi industry and the general public were updated on key reforms.

The public forums were designed to consult with industry and community on a number of key taxi reforms being implemented.

Melbourne and regional public forums were held in March 2014. 

Since this time, the TSC has continued to educate the general public and to seek community feedback from relevant groups, agencies and users of taxis services on the rollout of the reform agenda.

Should any further public forums be considered by the TSC then the community and other stakeholders will be advised accordingly.