Online services

As a result of feedback we received from previous stakeholder surveys, the TSC is working to create more online and responsive digital systems for our stakeholders. Based on some feedback already received, we have formulated five draft recommendations, which are to:

  1. enhance our communication channels (social media, website, call centre, consultation, etc.) and increasingly use online methods
  2. make our data (public register, taxi fare estimator, etc.) more readily available to the community
  3. create an online portal for the industry (accreditation and licensing) and Multi Purpose Taxi Program members
  4. enhance our internal systems to enable a single view of our stakeholders, and
  5. create a passenger application which enables passengers to provide real time feedback or make a complaint, track their trip or access the taxi fare estimator.

More information on these initiatives is provided in a consultation paper DOC, 1.8 MB.