CrimTrac fee

The Taxi Services Commission is changing the way police checks are conducted. On 1 July 2015 the TSC will introduce CrimTrac allowing us to conduct police checks internally.

Applicants will no longer need to obtain a National Police Certificate (NPC) from Victoria Police.

Instead of obtaining a NPC before you submit an application to the TSC, we will conduct a police check once you submit your application.

The current cost of a NPC with Victoria Police is $45.00 per person and can take up to 8 weeks to process. The TSC will incur a fee to conduct each police check on your behalf, but the process will be included in normal processing timeframes. We are therefore proposing the $45.00 fee for each NPC be incorporated into existing TSC application fees.

For example:

Currently to apply for a Hire Car, Restricted Hire Car or Special Purpose Vehicle licence as an individual you must obtain a National Police certificate from Victoria Police at a cost of $45.00, then apply to the TSC with an application fee of $182.70. A partnership or company that applies for a licence must obtain a NPC for each additional 'relevant person'.

With the Introduction of CrimTrac you can submit your application to the TSC and the TSC will conduct a police check on your behalf.

If partnership or company applies for a Hire Car, Restricted Hire Car or Special Purpose Vehicle licence, a NPC is required for each 'relevant person'. This requires a partnership or company applying for a licence to pay an additional $45.00 for each relevant person listed on the application.  For example, the fee for a partnership with two people would be $232.70 plus an additional $45.00 for the second NPC.

In short there will be no additional cost, however all documentation can be submitted directly to the TSC and the overall processing time including the police check will reduce to 3-4 weeks.

Feedback on amended fees

Feedback on the amended fees has now closed.