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Consultative Committee

On 1 July 2013, the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) commenced as the regulator of the taxi and hire car industries. The TSC is tasked with implementing the progressive roll-out of the government endorsed reform recommendations.

The TSC established a Consultative Committee to communicate with stakeholders about the taxi and hire car industry reforms. The committee was created to educate and inform business, community and government stakeholders on various reform initiatives. It also facilitated discussion about the impact of the taxi and hire car reforms on the Victorian community. 

The committee provided a consultative forum for the Commissioners of the TSC and senior executives to gather feedback reflecting community, business and public perspectives.

The key functions of the Consultative Committee were to:

  • promote and continue discussion on the taxi and hire vehicle reforms
  • provide information to the TSC in relation to the industry reforms
  • provide feedback that reflects the views of representative bodies in relation to the taxi and hire car industry
  • inform organisations of the impact of reforms
  • enable the TSC to forge partnerships at an operational level.

The committee first met in November 2013 and concluded in early 2014, following the establishment of a Ministerial Taxi and Hire Car Forum.

Commission Quarterly

The Commission Quarterly is a publication that provided an update on taxi and hire car reforms. The Commission Quarterly was published following each Consultative Committee meeting up until the end of 2014.

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