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Your driver will be in the know YouTube transcript

[Intro music plays]

Ricky: Welcome back to the show. We've all experienced a taxi driver who just doesn't seem to know where they're going. But apparently that's all changed with the new driver Knowledge test here in Victoria and so hear took me about it is Greg from the Taxi Services Commission, hi Greg.

Greg: G'day Ricky thanks for having me back.

Ricky: So Greg tell me exactly what is on this new test.

Greg: Well Ricky as you might expect it's pretty comprehensive mate it covers everything from finding well-known landmarks and taking the best route, through to making sure the Victorian taxi drivers have a good understanding of safety issues, customer service skills, and the ability to respect cultural and ability differences.

Ricky: What do you mean by ability differences?

Greg: Good question mate well  just making sure the drivers are equipped to support any additional needs that passengers might have.

Ricky: Like traveling with a guide dog for instance?

[Vision of passenger with a guide dog.]

Greg: Good example.

Ricky: And so tell me - which drivers does this affect? Is that only the new ones?

[Vision of map of Victoria showing Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong.]

Greg: Ricky it affects anyone who wants to become a taxi driver in Melbourne, or one of the big regional centres like Bendigo, Ballart and Geelong. Most of the complaints as you might appreciate come from passengers who are concerned about drivers inexperience. So all drivers with less than five years will have to take part or at least some parts of the test.

Ricky: Yeah very good. We've got a caller with a question Greg would you mind?

[Vision of caller]

Greg: No certainly.

Ricky: Hello Robin

Robin: Hello?

Ricky: Hello yeah Robin you're on.

Robin: Oh great. Look I just wanna say it really annoys me when I have to work out my own change.

[Vision of money, taxi meter and question mark turning into change]

Greg: Well Robin you'll be glad to know that basic maths is part of the test.

Ricky: Really? Maths?

Greg: Yes that's correct.

Ricky: And how does it actually work? Can they  take the test at home? Is it online? Is it paper-based?

Greg: Ricky the test is computer-based and has to be at one of our designated locations.

[Vision of man in front of a computer.]

Ricky: So who developed all the questions?

Greg: We did at the TSC, it's no walk in the park, but it's based on a nationally recognised taxi driving course.

Ricky: Sounds like a step in the right direction Greg .

Greg: It is mate, and ah these taxi reforms are great for passengers, drivers and the whole Victoria.

Ricky: Thanks Greg for coming on, until next time you're listening to Cab FM.

[Vision of a large billboard containing the TSC's website details, www.taxi.vic.gov.au]

[Vision of text:  Authorised by the Taxi Services Commission, Level 23, 80 Collins St, Melbourne spoken by Greg Long and G. Kazuro]

[End of video.]