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Victorian taxis are changing for the better

Victoria's taxi and hire car industry is changing for the better – with better drivers, better services and more choice. 

Your driver will be in the know

Taxi and hire car drivers in metropolitan Melbourne, Frankston, Dandenong, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo now need to pass the Knowledge test to become an accredited driver.

This test is designed to ensure drivers have the required skills to provide a safe and reliable service for people using taxis and hire cars.

To pass the test, drivers will be tested on geographic locations, customer service and driver behaviour.

For example, drivers will be shown an image of a location, and asked where the location is. They need to choose one of the multiple choice answers provided.

Drivers who want to drive a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi, will need to sit a theory and practical module.

Since 8 December 2014, a Metropolitan Hire Car module has been available for those who only want to drive hire cars. This reflects the different type of work undertaken by these drivers.

Taxi drivers who pass the test will receive a Knowledge badge and car sticker. The stickers will be visible from outside the car - this way you will be able to see a driver who has passed the test.

Find out more about how many drivers have passed the knowledge test.

The Knowledge Handbook explains the type of questions that drivers need to know and has sample questions.

This image is an example of athe Knowledge sticker

Sample Knowledge sticker.

Other reforms to improve the standards of drivers include changes to working conditions. For example, drivers now receive 55 per cent of the fare box earnings, giving them a larger share of the farebox.

Overall better paid drivers and better working conditions will result in increased driver professionalism and improved customer service for passengers.

Victoria's taxi and hire car industry is changing for the better - providing you with better drivers, better services and more choice.

Electronic card fee halved to 5%

When paying your taxi fare electronically - via credit, debit, Cabcharge or an app – the surcharge has been halved to 5% (inc GST).

Remember, always get a receipt. It's your record of taxi travel and will help if you have lost your property, or want to provide feedback on your taxi trip. 

See Non-cash payments for more information.

More taxis on more networks

Opening up the taxi industry is a fundamental part of the reforms.

Since 30 June 2014, taxi licences have been available to (eligible) applicants who want to enter this industry - providing passengers with more services and choice when getting a cab.  

See New taxi licences from 30 June 2014 for more information.

Taxis are changing colour

You may also notice that not all taxis are yellow. This makes it even easier for you to identify the taxi company you like and want to use again.

Hire cars  

Taxis aren't the only way to get around, there are a range of hire car services available throughout Victoria.

Recent reforms have allowed the hire car industry to innovate and provide more options in point-to-point travel. 

When next looking at services, consider trying a hire car.

 See Changes for hire cars for more information.