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Transforming the industry YouTube clip transcript

[Vision of a taxi driver in a cab, passenger steps into front seat next to driver.]

Taxi driver: Where to buddy?

Greg: Ah just up to Collins Street mate, near the corner of Exhibition.

Taxi driver: No worries, are you going to work?

Greg: Yeah I work for the Taxi Services Commission.

Taxi driver: Oh really? You work there?

Greg: Yeah.

Taxi driver: Lots of changes going on with our industry hey?

Greg: Certainly keeping me busy.

Taxi driver: Tell me mate, this new zones I heard something about them, but they don't affect me in Melbourne right?

[Vision of map of Victoria highlighting the different zones.]

Greg: Well not so much but they're making a huge difference for drivers and passengers in country Victoria. We got a hundred odd zones that have just become four: metro, urban, regional and country, so taxi companies in regional and country areas can serve a much larger area, if they want, and have more flexibility to set their own fares .

Taxi Driver: Ah so it's much better. I've seen more hire cars on the road too [Greg: ah ok] just not limos anymore hey?

Greg: Ah no mate any car that meets our safety standards can be used as a hire car nowadays.

Taxi driver: So I could start my own business?

[Vision of hire cars driving past the taxi]

Greg: Sure you just need to buy a licence. Could be a great business opportunity for you and passengers love it cos it gives them much more choice.

Taxi driver: Would I have to take that written test I've heard about?

[Vision of taxi driver in front of a computer]

Greg: The Knowledge test?

Taxi driver: Yeah, yeah that one.

Greg:  It's all for new drivers and anyone renewing their accreditation with less than 5 years' experience.

Taxi driver: Is it hard?

Greg: Well it isn't easy, but that would defeat the purpose.

Taxi driver:  How will passengers know  that drivers have passed?

Greg: Well when they do pass the test mate they will get a special pin to wear on their collar and a sticker for their cab and this will make it easier for passengers to see who has passed.

[Vision of knowledge sticker on the side of the taxi.]

Taxi driver: Ah what about this public register thing [Greg: ok] some of my mates aren't happy about their details being published for the whole world to see.

Greg: Yeah well there's a whole lot of misinformation about the register. The fact of the matter is that taxi drivers' names and their endorsements will be published, but not their home address or telephone numbers.

Taxi driver: Mmm it's a good time for drivers I guess.

Greg: Yeah and for passengers. There's a lot more choice all round. Just turn right up here.

Taxi driver: I know, I know [laughs] sorry.

[Vision of a large billboard containing the TSC's website details, www.taxi.vic.gov.au]

[Vision of text:  Authorised by the Taxi Services Commission, Level 23, 80 Collins St, Melbourne spoken by Shahin Shafaei and G. Kazuro]

[End of video.]