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Setting up a taxi business YouTube transcript

[Vision of passenger and driver in cab]

Greg: G'day driver.

Driver: Ahhh. Where to buddy?

Greg: Ah,  just off to the Darebin arts centre, do you know where that is?

Driver: Of course, Bell Street will be quickest this time of day.

Greg: That sounds fine with me.

Driver: Your voice sounds familiar mate, have I heard you somewhere?

[Vision of cab driving on road]

Greg: Well I'm actually on Cab FM so you've probably heard me talking about a number of issues facing the taxi industry.

[Vision of car radio]

Driver: Yeah that's where I have heard you. Greg right?

Greg: That's right!

Driver: Nice to meet you mate.

[Vision of passenger and driver]

Greg: Well, thank you mate. This is a beautiful taxi. Is it yours?

Driver: Ah no. I wish. (haha).

Greg: Have you thought about buying your own taxi licence?

Driver: Yes, of course I have, but I didn't think that there were any available.

[Vision of cab driving along the road]

Greg: Well there are now. As of June the industry has opened right up, for people just like you. Hire cars too.

Driver: Any car?

Passenger: Well not just any car. It would have to meet our safety standards.

Driver: Ahhh. I see.

Greg: It's a big decision - I know mate, but ah it's something you'd really need to think about it.

Driver: I have thought about it. You know... the freedom... the money... all that!

[Vision of driver imagining piles of money]

Greg: Everything else that comes with it mate. it's fantastic but it's a lot more than that. if you're thinking about buying a taxi or hire car licence and running your own service. You should also be thinking about the things that go along with setting up a small business.

[Vision of charts and documents]

Driver: Well - lots to think about mate (ha).

Greg: There is but if you need help with it mate you can always look at the Taxi Services Commission website, you can contact the Victorian Taxi Association, or even small business Victoria who can help you.

[Vision of Taxi Services Commission's logo and web address, www.taxi.vic.gov.au; Victorian Taxi Association's logo and web address, www.victaxi.com.au; Small Business Victoria logo, www.business.vic.gov.au].

Driver: You know, I'd really like to give it a go. But, I don't know where to start, you know!

Greg: Well - it's a fantastic opportunity, you just have to make sure that you do your research. Once you've done that - come in and visit us at the TSC and apply for a licence. There is an annual licence fee though.

Driver: This all sounds very exciting. (laughs) Maybe I will try and give it a go.

Greg: Just don't forget mate - you gotta turn right up here mate!

Driver: Ahh - of course mate. I'm local - didn't you know!

[Vision of Taxi Services Commission website address – www.taxi.vic.gov.au].