About the public register

The public register is a database of taxi and hire car industry participants, located on the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) website.

The public register enables consumers to search the details of drivers, vehicles, operators as, hire car and special purpose vehicles licence holders, driving instructors and Booking Service Providers.

This improves industry accountability and regulatory transparency.

Changes from 30 September 2014

The public register was updated on 30 September 2014 to include additional information on industry participants.

Note: The Taxi Services Commission does not publish the business or personal contact details of drivers.

Application to restrict public access

You have a right to apply to the TSC to restrict public access to information relating to you that is on the register. The TSC may only grant an application to restrict public access to information if there are exceptional circumstances that justify the restriction.

What can you search for?


You can view the accreditation status of drivers and the authorisation status of driving instructors.

The accreditation status of taxi drivers can be checked using the six digit driver number displayed on the taxi driver's ID card. The public register displays the status of the driver ('current' or 'not current') and the type of endorsements he or she may have, including the type of vehicles the driver is authorised to drive and the areas he or she is permitted to drive in.

Reasons why the status of a driver might be 'not current' include that his or her accreditation is expired, cancelled, suspended or surrendered. In these circumstances, the passenger is able to report the driver as 'unauthorised' to the TSC by email or phone.

Driver accreditation photos may also be available on the register at a later date.

Information on how to read the results for drivers and driving instructors can be viewed here.


You can view general operational conditions of licenced taxi and hire cars on the public register. The licence status of a taxi can also be searched by vehicle registration number (the number on the number plates).


You can view operators, Booking Service Providers, hire car licence holders and special purpose vehicle licence holders.

The register will also show the business contact details (including phone number, postal address, email), details of any Booking Service Provider provided and how many vehicles it is licensed to operate.

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