Non-cash payments

Reductions to the non-cash payment surcharge for taxis

The surcharge incurred when passengers pay their taxi fare using a credit/debit card, voucher or app is five (5) per cent. The five (5) per cent surcharge (inclusive of GST) is the maximum amount that can be charged.

As a passenger, if you are charged more than five (5) per cent, please retain your receipt and contact either the EFTPOS payment provider listed at the top of your receipt, or your card company/bank in the first instance.

Passengers wishing to provide feedback or make a complaint should contact the TSC via our customer feedback and complaints handling web page.

How the surcharge is calculated

The five per cent surcharge is the maximum amount that can be charged on top of the fare and is inclusive of GST. For example, if the fare is $100.00, inclusive of the base fare, tolls, holiday and late night surcharges etc. and GST, then a surcharge of no more than $5.00 may be charged. The total cost to a customer is $105.00 (inclusive of GST). Merchant fees cannot be added to the surcharge.

The TSC has produced a flyer to help drivers understand what they need to do.

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