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It's all about choice YouTube clip transcript

[Vision of radio in cab being turned on, intro music plays.]

Ricky: Good afternoon Ricky Richards with you. Right now we're talking taxis with Greg from the Taxi Services Commission. Greg hello again.

Greg: G'day Ricky.

Ricky: Today I want to focus our conversation on what these recent changes and reforms mean for passengers.

[Vision of different taxis driving.]

Greg: Okay. Ricky first and foremost passengers now have a lot more choice.

Ricky: 'Choice', that's a big word, and from what I'm hearing and hoping it's more taxis.

Greg: It is more taxis and more hire cars mate. See in the past the industry was virtually a closed shop when it came to issuing new licences so there was very little competition. That's all changed and now you're going to see a lot more taxis on the roads.

Ricky: That's going to make a lot of people very happy on Friday night [Greg: Hope it will] at Flinders Street Station I can tell you.

[Vision of Federation Square and Flinders Street with passenger getting into taxi.]

Greg:  Now in addition we've also opened up the industry to real competition. Any eligible person can apply and pay an annual fee meaning more taxis and shorter wait times.

Ricky: But tell me, what about hire cars?

[Vision of different hire cars driving along.]

Greg: Yeah hire cars as well.

Ricky: Are these hire cars just fancy looking cars with drivers who wear hats?

Greg: [Laughs] Well yeah sometimes. You can always identify a hire car because of the number plate which starts with a 'VH'.

Ricky: But what about people trying to get into the industry? How do they qualify? Is there a process? Will any car be accepted?

[Vision of old bomb car with a cross through it.]

Greg: Yes well as long as that vehicle meets the safety standards.

Ricky: So then what's the difference between hire cars and taxis?

Greg: A good question. For starters, hire cars have to be pre-booked, you can't just hail one down in the street.

Ricky: But, could I say, if I'm at the airport see one, get on a app and then book right there and right then?

[Vision of passenger using app to book hire car.]

Greg: Yeah certainly you can do that; and another fact is that hire cars don't have taxi meters.

Ricky: Oh really?

Greg: Yeah but the real bonus here Ricky is for passengers, they now have more choice about how they get around.

Ricky: More choices, more cars, more happy campers. Great to see you as always until next time you're listening to Cab FM.

[Outro music plays.]

[Vision of a large billboard containing the TSC's website details, www.taxi.vic.gov.au]

[Vision of text: Authorised by the Taxi Services Commission, Level 23, 80 Collins St, Melbourne spoken by Greg Long and G. Kazuro.]

[End of video.]