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Changing the colour of your cab

Upon application, metropolitan taxis can be exempted from the 'Victorian Taxi Yellow' (yellow) paint requirement.

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) has made applying for a livery exemption much simpler by removing the requirement for the applicant to nominate at least five (5) taxis. This means that an operator, regardless of the number of taxis they operate, can now apply for livery exemption.

This initiative provides taxi operators and Booking Service Providers (BSPs) with more marketing opportunities and an improved and informed choice for customers.

Application process

Interested operators of metropolitan taxis or BSPs may apply for a livery exemption by writing to the TSC, including the following information:

  1. Name and address of applicant
  2. Nominate a commencement date for taxis to display the new livery (colour)
  3. Provide confirmation that the proposed colour change has been discussed with the BSP whose brand is identified on the vehicle (if applicable).

Lodging applications


Taxi Services Commission
GPO Box 1716
Melbourne Vic 3001

In person

Lower Ground Floor, 1 Spring Street
Melbourne Vic 3000


The Manager
Taxi Services Commission
Email: licensing@taxi.vic.gov.au

Livery exemption conditions

The TSC reserves the right to revoke any exemption previously granted if, in the opinion of the TSC, any conditions of the granting have not been met.

If an exemption is revoked, or an exemption is not granted by the TSC, the affected operator/s must comply with the requirement to paint their taxis in yellow within a timeframe specified by the TSC.


For any taxi granted an exemption and painted in a colour other than yellow, the chequered green and yellow strip decal is optional.

The selection of a colour scheme for taxis is a business decision for the applicant.

The granting of an exemption does not in any way provide exclusivity to a particular colour or colours, and the TSC will not intervene between any competing interests in this regard.

Registration of taxis in different colour

It is the responsibility of the taxi operator to ensure a livery exemption has been issued for their vehicle prior to presenting it for registration.

Peak Service Taxis

Peak Service Taxis are also eligible for exemption from the livery requirements ('Victorian Taxi Yellow' and 'Victorian Taxi Green') if the nominated vehicle(s) is/are part of an exempted fleet of five or more taxis.

The exemption is subject to the continued display of 'PS' series number plates, the door decals and compliance with operating conditions (including restricted hours of operation 3pm-7am).