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Industry reforms

A major reform program to implement recommendations of the Taxi Industry Inquiry is well underway.

The Taxi Services Commission, which took over from the Victorian Taxi Directorate as regulator of Victoria's taxi industry on 1 July 2013, is responsible for the progressive roll out of the reforms.

A number of significant reforms have been implemented, with others in progress. To stay up to date with the latest reform updates we encourage you to sign up for our eNewsletters.

Some of the reforms in progress

A number of key reforms are in progress, including:

  • Providing information to the public that encourages competition and high quality services.
  • A review of taxi and hire car safety policy.
  • Development of new fare device (taximeter) specifications.

Some of the implemented reforms

  • The Knowledge test was introduced to ensure recent and aspiring taxi and hire car drivers have a broad range of proficiencies including geographical knowledge, English literacy, disability awareness and general customer service skills (requirement now removed see Applying for driver accreditation).
  • Annual 'as of right' taxi licences are now available to all eligible applicants for an annual fee.
  • GMTLR and Peak Service licences can now be converted for a fee to 'as of right' licences.
  • A public register has been created which enables you to view the accreditation status of drivers and driving instructors, general operational conditions of vehicle licences and industry participant details.
  • Victoria's taxi and hire car zones have been simplified.
  • To improve driver remuneration and conditions, mandatory conditions are now implied into all driver agreements.
  • A dispute resolution process has been established to manage disputes arising from the implied conditions.
  • The TSC now conducts internal reviews of certain decisions affecting operator, booking service providers and drivers.
  • Taxi operators in the regional and country zones can set their own fares under the Price Notification System.
  • The hire car regulatory requirements has been reduced, with licences fees reduced and the luxury vehicle requirement removed.
  • Advertising in taxis has been re-introduced.
  • The yellow paint requirement in non-metropolitan taxi zones has been removed. Upon application, metropolitan taxis can be exempted from the yellow paint requirement.
  • Improved clarity and understanding of consumer rights.
  • New taxi fares.