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Talking Taxis Communication Boards

Talking Taxis Communication Boards are picture-based communication tools that help people with disabilities catch taxis.

The boards assist drivers and passengers by reducing confusion about destinations, payments and routes.

Personal Journey Cards that can be filled out before a taxi trip are also available. The cards detail payment and destination information to help passengers tell their driver where they are going and how they are going to pay, giving carers and loved ones peace of mind.

What are the Talking Taxis Communication Boards?

Three communication boards have been developed to serve a specific purpose, helping taxi drivers and passengers understand each other.

  • The Talking Taxis Picture Communication Board identifies some key emotions that passengers may be feeling. They also illustrate key messages such as how the passenger will pay their fare and alert the driver to emergencies such as the need for an ambulance, the police or a lost item
  • The Talking Taxis Alphabet Communication Board illustrates a standard QWERTY (English language) keyboard and can be used by passengers to spell out a destination or request
  • The Talking Taxis Tourism Communication Board illustrates key social or tourism icons as well as places of interest such as airports, tourism information centres and public transport. Passengers with communication difficulties through either disability or language can benefit from this board.

Partnering with our community

We developed the Talking Taxis Communication Boards in conjunction with Maribyrnong City Council, Scope and ISIS Primary Care. The boards were trialled for three months in around 30 taxis across Victoria.

More information

For more information or a copy of the Talking Taxis Communication Boards and Personal Journey Cards, please contact us.