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Prepaid fares

Taxi fares must be prepaid for all trips between 10:00pm and 5:00am if prepayment is requested by the driver.

A driver can also request prepayment of the fare at other times and/or ask the passenger to demonstrate capacity to pay (eg. cash, card or voucher). 

When deciding whether to request that a passenger prepay or show capacity to pay, a driver must be fair, equitable and non-discriminatory.

Want to know what a prepaid fare sounds like? Listen to a taxi driver/passenger conversation (MP3, 1.17 MB, 30 seconds.)

Information on this page

Before the trip begins

The taxi driver will estimate how much the fare will cost at the start of the trip.

The driver can use the online fare estimator if required to get an idea of how much the trip might be.

If a pre-payment is required, the passenger must pay the driver a deposit or demonstrate capacity to pay by cash or pre-authorised card payment before the trip starts or anytime during the trip.

If a deposit is paid, a driver is required to provide a receipt for the amount processed.

Vouchers should be made known to the driver at the beginning of the trip, the driver can ask the passenger for an alternative means of a deposit (such as cash or card) until the voucher can be successfully processed.

Drivers have the right to refuse a passenger or terminate a trip if the passenger does not have the money or cannot demonstrate that they can pay for the trip.

At the end of the trip

The meter displays the fare, inclusive of fees such as phone booking fee or late night surcharge. Tolls and airport fees are additional to the fare on the meter.

If the final meter reading plus any tolls or airport fees (the total taxi fare) is less than the prepaid deposit, then the driver must refund the difference.

If the total taxi fare is more than the prepaid deposit, then the passenger must pay the balance to the driver.

Note: All fares are to be paid based on the metered amount and any authorised additional charges, not the estimated amount.

If there are problems

Report the taxi service via our online feedback and complaints form or by contacting us if:

  • the driver did not provide a receipt for prepayment at the start of the trip
  • the driver did not provide a receipt at the end of the trip
  • the EFTPOS terminal or taximeter inside the taxi was not working.