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Taxi passengers

Journey, fare and safety information for taxi passengers.

How to catch a taxi


Children travelling in taxis


Taxis are not required to carry child restraints such as capsules, child seats or booster seats but a restraint, if supplied by the passenger, can be fitted into the vehicle.

Under Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (the rules), infants (less than 12 months old) may be carried in the back seat of a taxi by the parent or accompanied adult. Under no circumstances should an infant share the same seat belt as the accompanying adult.

Children aged over 1 year but under 7 years of age must also travel in the back seat and be wearing their own properly fastened seat belt, if no suitable child restraint or booster seat is available (but not sitting on someone's lap).

Hire Cars

The rules covering children travelling in hire cars are different to taxis, but are the same as private cars.

This means that children up to 7 years of age must be secured in a restraint appropriate to the age and size of the child.

Children aged over 7 years must use either a booster seat, or an adult seat belt.

These points should be read in conjunction with the full Road Safety Road Rules 2017 relating to children travelling in vehicles. Visit the VicRoads website for more information.

Lost property

If you have left something in a taxi, you may wish to contact the relevant taxi company or report the matter to Victoria Police. You can find the details of the taxi company, the cab number and other important information on your receipt.