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Taxi fare estimator disclaimer

This tool provides an estimate only. The estimate includes GST, flagfall, airport surcharges and tolls. It does not include phone booking feeor card service fees. You must prepay your fare between 10pm and 5am ifrequested.

Your actual fare will vary depending on traffic, road conditionsand route taken. The fare is the amount shown on the taxi meter at the end of the trip plus any authorised additional charges.

This estimator only covers trips taken within or beginning inVictoria. Other states have their own fare structures.

Route taken

The default route taken is based on Microsoft Bing Maps Routing Service which generally results in the use of tollways, freeways and major arterial roads.

Country and regional taxi zones

All estimated fares are based on the government standard fares.

Accuracy of estimate

Most accurate

Complete address details (house number, street, suburb) or selecting a taxi rank or train station will provide the most accurate estimate.

Less accurate

Street only details will provide an estimate with less accuracy.The approximate mid-point of the entire street length will be used to calculate the route. If a landmark is selected, a less accurate result will be provided as some landmarks such as the MCG could have various pick-up/drop-off locations.

Least accurate

Suburb only details will provide the least accurate estimate.The approximate centre of the suburb or locality will be used to calculate the route.

High occupancy hiring

Refers to pre-booked  highoccupancy vehicles specifically requested by a passenger, for five or more passengers.

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