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Fares for Commercial Passenger Vehicles

There are no changes to how fares for unbooked services are set (e.g. when you hail a taxi from the street or from a taxi rank).

Fare information for unbooked services must be displayed on the inside of the vehicle, clearly visible to passengers, and on the outside of the vehicle on the left-hand side. This information should provide you with the hiring rates, and any other fees and charges.

The maximum fare rates for all unbooked services in Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan area, the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, are set by the Essential Services Commission.

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Unbooked fares: Melbourne

These rates vary based on distance, location and time of travel. Additional charges can apply if you travel on some public holidays, make an electronic payment, use toll roads, or travel with five or more passengers.


Flag fall

(applies when the speed is above 21km per hour)

(applies when the speed is below 21km per hour)

Day Rate (9am – 5pm)


$1.622 per kilometre

$0.568 per minute

Overnight Rate (5pm – 9am)


$1.804 per kilometre

$0.631 per minute

Peak Rate (10pm – 4am Friday and Saturday and all-day Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and from 6pm New Year’s Eve)


$1.986 per kilometre

$0.695 per minute


Airport rank fee

Applies to unbooked trips taken from the Melbourne airport rank


High occupancy fee

For 5 or more passengers (including a person(s) who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid) or where the hirer specifically requests a larger than standard vehicle regardless of the number of passengers (except where the booking is for a person(s) who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid)


Electronic payments

A maximum 5% fee applies when using credit/debit cards, and all other non-cash payments

5% (including GST)

Toll roads

Charges also apply to toll roads, if the driver chooses to take a toll road route

See  toll road information inside the vehicle or alternatively visit www.citylink.com.au