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Terms and conditions

This page provides information on the terms and conditions for the use of Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) cards in Victoria.

  1. The MPTP Taxi Card can only be used by the person whose details are printed on the card.
  2. The MPTP Taxi Card can only be used for travel in taxis that have a licence to operate in Victoria, or with interstate vouchers from the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) in interstate taxis.
  3. The MPTP member must be travelling in the taxi to receive the subsidy for that trip. Carers, companions or family members may travel in the taxi with the MPTP member.
  4. Only one subsidy applies to any single trip.
  5. The MPTP Taxi Card is not transferable and must not be used by anyone other than the member whose details appear on the card.
  6. The MPTP Taxi Card cannot be used to send parcels or packages in a taxi.
  7. Other than during a taxi trip, the MPTP member or carer must keep the card in their possession at all times.
  8. MPTP membership does not guarantee that appropriate taxi transport will be available on request.
  9. The MPTP Taxi Card cannot be used with any other transport concessions or subsidies. If a trip, or part of a trip, is covered by insurance (for example, by the Transport Accident Commission), or paid for by any state or Commonwealth department or agency, the MPTP Taxi Card cannot be used.
  10. MPTP membership will be cancelled if the member's circumstances change and he or she stops being eligible.
  11. The MPTP member who has been given an exemption from eligibility or the annual subsidy cap may have that exemption withdrawn, cancelled or amended.
  12. The MPTP member must report inappropriate or suspicious use of an MPTP Taxi Card to the TSC as soon as possible.
  13. The MPTP member must report the loss or theft of an MPTP Taxi Card to the TSC as soon as possible.
  14. MPTP membership may be cancelled if a member does not comply with these terms and conditions. The TSC may also take legal action.
  15. It is understood that the applicant or the authorised representative understands and accepts the terms and conditions of MPTP membership when they sign an application form.
  16. The MPTP member understands and accepts the terms of the TSC Privacy Statement, a copy of which is provided when he or she signs this application form.
  17. The MPTP member must not travel in a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi when using a tilting or reclining mobile chair as a mobility aid. These include high care chairs/beds, 'princess', 'duchess' or 'tub' chairs.
  18. The MPTP member must notify the TSC if they are currently or have been an accredited driver or permit holder of a commercial passenger vehicle.