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Updating your details

This page has information regarding:

Renewing your card

Six weeks before your Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) taxi card expires, an invoice for a new card will be sent to you. A new card costs $16.50 and is valid for six years.

When you get your new card, destroy the old card. The old card won't work after its expiry date. If you continue to use a card that has expired you will not be eligible for reimbursement of these taxi trips.

It is important that you tell us if:

  • you change your address (or else the invoice for a new card will be sent to your old address)
  • your circumstances change. For example, if you can no longer sign your name or you now use a wheelchair all the time.

Change of address

Please contact us by phone (if you are the member or authorised representative) or in writing (fax, post or email) and include the following details:

  • full name
  • old address
  • new address
  • member number
  • date of birth.