How to apply

Information on this page describes the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) application process and includes forms for applicants and their doctors.


To become an MPTP member, you and your doctor will have to fill in separate application forms. Your completed form should be sent to the Taxi Services Commission (TSC).

You can download the application form and information booklet below. You can also contact us to have us send you a hard copy.

Format Membership application form Membership application information
PDF Multi Purpose Taxi Program Application form PDF, 147.3 KB How to apply for a taxi card PDF, 518.2 KB
DOC Multi Purpose Taxi Program Application form - accessible versionDOC, 88.0 KB How to apply for a taxi card - accessible version DOCX, 21.8 KB

Please note: We cannot process you application until we receive your part as well as your doctor's part of the application.


See MPTP online form - doctors.


The TSC will assess and determine if you can become a member and may ask you or your doctor for more information.

We may ask you to see an independent doctor or have medical tests to confirm the information you gave in your application. Normally you will be asked to pay for this. This may include further medical or financial information to complete the application process.

Application process:

  • It can take up to 14 business days for your application to be processed
  • If approved, you will receive an invoice of $16.50 for your card
  • The taxi card will arrive four to five business days from when we receive payment
  • If you do not meet the medical or financial criteria, you will be notified by letter.

Renewing your card

An MPTP taxi card expires after six years. You will receive an invoice of $16.50 for your new card six weeks prior to the card expiring.

When you receive your new card, destroy the old card. The old card won't work after its expiry date.

It is important to tell us if:

  • you change your address, or
  • your circumstances have changed. For example, you can no longer sign your name or you now use a wheelchair all the time.