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Multi Purpose Taxi Program new card reader trial - Q&As

A new card reading device is being trialled in several taxis in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Learn more about the trial and what it means for you here with our Q&As.

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Why is a new type of MPTP card reading device being trialled?

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV), is partnering with new entrants to the commercial passenger vehicle (taxi and hire car, including rideshare) industry to trial innovative technology in taxis, subject to strict controls. This technology could improve services for MPTP passengers and provide members with more transport options.

This trial will be monitored closely and evaluated once the trial period has ended. We will take into account your experiences with the new MPTP card reader.

What will device tablet look like?

The new system is a tablet which sits on the taxi dashboard.

MPTP card being used by driver of  a commercial passenger vehicle with the reader located above the CPV's fare device

What does the tablet device do?

The tablet acts as a trip meter, calculates your fare, performs as a GPS, displays the driver’s identification and calculates your subsidy.

What happens when I begin my trip?

  1. Advise your driver that you have a MPTP card at the beginning of your trip.
  2. If you booked the journey by app you will have already been sent a fare estimate.
  3. If you have hailed your taxi, your driver will plot your journey on the tablet and produce a fare estimate.
  4. Your driver will take a photo of your card, using the tablet to record your card number.
  5. Once you reach your destination the tablet will calculate your final subsidised fare.
  6. Ask for a receipt and for the driver to return your MPTP card.

Why will the taxi driver take a photo of my card?

The tablet uses the photo of your card to read your MPTP membership number and check that it is valid.

How do I know that my privacy is protected?

Net-Cabs (tradingas Oiii) is bound to protect your privacy in accordance with Victorian law.

Can I still pay for my taxi ride by credit or debit card in a taxi with a tablet?

Your payment methods will remain unaffected. You can use cash or credit and debit cards.

Who can I contact if I have any questions or complaints?

To contact/speak to someone at Oiii about their taxis, please contact Oiii on 8592 8099 or email help@oiii.com