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Multi Purpose Taxi Program

The Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) assists with the travel needs of people with severe and permanent disabilities by offering subsidised taxi fares to members. 

MPTP subsidy

MPTP gives members subsidised taxi fares, paying up to $60 per trip. Some members have a yearly limit.

Please note: Road tolls, airport fees and Silver Service fees are not part of the metered fare and they must be paid in full by the passenger. They are not included as part of the MPTP subsidy.

MPTP members with a wheelchair or scooter are never required to pay the lifting fee. The lifting fee is covered under your MPTP membership.

The taxi meter must not be turned on while a wheelchair or scooter is being loaded or unloaded. If a driver asks you to pay a lifting fee, take their details and report this to us.

When a passenger does not have a MPTP (Wheelchair/Scooter) Taxi Card (M31 card) the lifting fee is not paid. On these occasions drivers are permitted to turn the meter on while loading/unloading passengers. This includes when carrying WAT passengers from interstate.

You can learn more information on the application process here:

If you are already an MPTP member, there is information about:

More detailed information on how to use your MPTP card is available here: