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Choosing the right service

There are many options to choose from to help you get to your destination. We encourage everyone to use an accredited taxi or hire car service. They are safe and we know who owns the vehicle you are travelling in.

If you ever want to check who’s driving your vehicle, you can look them up on our public register. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Taxis provide both booked and unbooked services and are easily identifiable.

You can identify a taxi by:

  • a dome light on the roof
  • the painted ‘Victorian Taxi Yellow’ (unless granted an exemption to use another colour)
  • decals on the bonnet and doors disaplying the word ‘TAXI’ with the vehicle’s registration number
  • the name, trademark or trade name and telephone number of the Booking Service Provider displayed on both front doors
  • internal labels (eg feedback, fares, payment surcharges and confirmation of the safety camera)
  • thetaxi number plate is dark green with the words ’Accredited Taxi Service’ in white letters.

Image of metro number plate

Visit Decals, Labels and Livery for the full list taxi requirements.

Hire cars

Hire cars are only licensed to provide booked services. Currently they aren’t required to have vehicle identification. Some service providers may choose to brand their vehicles.

Passengers should always check their booking details (eg driver name, licence plate number,) to make sure they are getting into the right vehicle.

All hire cars operate with standard private number plates but must be accredited with us.