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Hire car passengers

Hire cars are an alternative to taxis for point-to-point travel. They offer a pre-booked only service rather than hailing a taxi off the street or from a rank.

The passenger negotiates the fare before the trip, with either the driver or the booking service provider through a booking app or over the phone.

The term hire car covers a variety of commercial passenger vehicles in Victoria – but they all offer pre-booked services only.

Hire cars include:

  • rideshare vehicles
  • wedding cars
  • community and local buses
  • tour vehicles (such as motorcycle, off road four-wheel drive and vintage vehicles)
  • tour buses with a seating capacity for between 8-9 seats used in connection with a tour package.

Hire cars can operate anywhere in Victoria.

Until recently hire cars were required to use special licence number plates beginning with either the letters VHA, VHB or VHC.

Now hire cars can use standard issue or customised plates.

To help identify your hire car on its arrival, simply double check that the vehicle’s licence plate number and other details match the information you were provided with at the time of booking.

Contact details for booking a variety of accredited hire car services can be found online or in the phone directory.