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Update your details

The following online form is intended for:

  • Licence Holders to change address and contact details
  • Licence Operators to change address. Operators will have to input the full LOA number (eg. LOA-A123456)
  • Drivers to change contact details. Drivers cannot update their address using this facility and will be directed to VicRoads.

Please note:

  • Where the Accreditation or Licence is owned by a company, partnership or trust, the responsible person must enter their date of birth.
  • Driving instructors cannot change their address with this form.

When you submit a change the Victorian Taxi Management System will be updated. It will be noted that a change was made via the online form. You will then receive an email that you can keep as proof that you submitted a change.

Proceed to update your details online

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: