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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Subsidy Scheme

The Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Vehicle Subsidy Scheme helps urban large regional, regional and country taxi operators buy wheelchair accessible taxis. This page provides guidelines for applying for the subsidy.

The subsidy scheme guidelines include:

  • eligibility criteria
  • subsidy amounts based on the age of the vehicle and whether or not it is already a taxi and wheelchair accessible
  • step by step instructions on how to apply
  • a specimen subsidy agreement.


There is no closing date for applications. Applications will be assessed as quickly as possible however please note that it may take up to four weeks to assess an application once all required documentation has been received.

If you are applying for a subsidy to buy a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi to replace an existing taxi, you should lodge your application well in advance of buying the new vehicle. You should also consider the time required to have the new vehicle modified to carry wheelchairs – you may need to discuss this with the vehicle supplier. To ensure a timely vehicle changeover is achieved, you should consider lodging your application about six months before the date you wish to commence service with the new taxi.


The Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Vehicle Subsidy was introduced by the Victorian Government to fund the difference in capital purchase cost between conventional taxis and Wheelchair Accessible Taxis for country (and now regional) licence operators. The scheme has since been extended to regional, large regional and urban licence operators.

The subsidy scheme aims to:

  • maintain and improve the availability of Wheelchair Accessible Taxis for people with a disability living in country towns and regional cities
  • make the operation of Wheelchair Accessible Taxis more cost effective for the providers of these important taxi services.

More information

For more information on the Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Subsidy Scheme, contact us.

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