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Replacing taxi-cab registration plates

This page contains information on how to replace taxi registration plates that have been lost or stolen.

If your taxi registration plate(s) has been lost or stolen, you will need to arrange the change of plates through the Taxi Services Commission (TSC).

Information on this page

How to replace a lost or stolen taxi registration plate(s)

Step 1: Fill out an application form

The registered vehicle owner must:

Step 2: Processing your application

When we have received and verified your application, we will call you and tell you your new registration plate number. We will then courier your plates with an Authority to Register to your nominated VicRoads office.

You must then prepare your vehicle with the door decals to reflect the new number.

Step 3: Receiving and inspecting your plates at VicRoads

Metropolitan taxis

Once you have updated the door decals, you must collect your replacement plate from the VicRoads office you have nominated.

You will need to bring:

Nominating another party to collect your registration plate(s)

If you are nominating someone else to collect the plates for you, that person must:

  • provide their drivers licence
  • present a signed letter of authority from you allowing them to act on your behalf (you must include the nominated person's name, the old and new plate numbers and the nominated person's driver licence number). If the operator is a company, this must be on a company letterhead.

Replacing damaged taxi registration plate(s)

If your taxi registration(s) plate has been damaged, you will need to arrange a change of plate(s) through the VicRoads.

Replacement plates have the same letter and number combination as your existing plates.