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Electronic transaction systems and fare calculation devices

Electronic transaction systems

Taxis in Victoria may be fitted with up to two electronic payment transaction (EFTPOS) terminals and associated receipt printers.

Multi-Purpose Taxi Card

At least one of the electronic terminals within the taxi that must be able to process Multi-Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) cards (country taxis are permitted to manually process MPTP cards).

Currently, the only approved EFTPOS terminal used for processing MPTP cards is supplied by Cabcharge.


The EFTPOS terminal used for fare payments must generate an electronic receipt that is fully compliant with the receipt content specified in regulation 30 (2) of the current regulations.

The EFTPOS terminal must be able to provide a receipt which includes the following information:

  • the driver's signature (unless the receipt has been produced using electronic facilities)
  • the registration plate number of the taxi
  • the number of the driver's certificate of the driver
  • all the items which make up the fare and any additional rates and charges
  • the total amount paid, and
  • the date of the payment.

Service fees

Under consumer law, if a 'service fee' is charged in conjunction with a non-cash payment, customers must be advised that such a fee applies before they undertake the transaction. The service fee cannot be greater than five per cent of the fare (inclusive GST).

Fare calculation devices

The Taxi Services Commission no longer approves fare calculation devices (formerly taximeters).

The following fare calculation devices were previously approved for use in Victorian taxis:


  • XUS 6000
  • Europa XUS 7000
  • Fareway plus – approved 23 May 2014

Martin Meters         

  • Mk 5 si
  • Mk 5 si series 2
  • Mk6

MTData 8020

Novax Leda 2


  • G3 Mk 1
  • G3 Mk 2
  • G4
  • G5

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