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Commercial passenger vehicle inspection approval

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) is now accepting applications from interested parties who wish to apply for TSC approval to inspect commercial passenger vehicles.

Under the Commercial passenger vehicle inspection approval policy, successful applicants will be authorised for an initial six-month pilot period. A copy of the policy, including the applicant eligibility criteria, can be accessed below.

Annual vehicle inspection requirements

All commercial passenger vehicles must undergo an annual inspection to ensure they are roadworthy and provide a safe and comfortable experience for passengers.

Under taxi and hire car licence conditions, vehicle owners are required to:

  • carry a current, annual Certificate of Roadworthiness for the licensed vehicle, or
  • carry current evidence that the vehicle has passed a TSC-approved inspection process
  • produce that certificate or evidence to a TSC officer, when requested.

Commercial passenger vehicle owners have access to the entire Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT) network across the state. This policy allows vehicle owners to access alternative vehicle inspection services. Vehicle owners can choose between:

  • an annual roadworthy vehicle inspection based on requirements set out in the VicRoads document titled, Vehicle Standards Information bulletin 26 (VSI 26) (see current vehicle standards information on the VicRoads website), or
  • a TSC-approved commercial passenger vehicle inspection process.

(vehicle inspections are only conducted on the premises approved by the TSC)

Evidence of an annual vehicle inspection

After completing a successful commercial passenger vehicle inspection, the approved tester will issue:

  • a Certificate of Roadworthiness, or
  • a vehicle inspection report for an inspection process approved under the TSC Commercial passenger vehicle inspection approval policy.

The VicRoads Certificate of Roadworthiness, or vehicle inspection report issued by the TSC-approved commercial passenger vehicle tester, must be kept inside the vehicle as evidence of the inspection. An electronic copy of a Certificate of Roadworthiness stored on an electronic device is also acceptable.

The TSC will accept both forms of evidence of an annual commercial passenger vehicle inspection.

Please note: the TSC continues to require Licensed Vehicle Testers to inspect Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WATs) against the VSI 26 Roadworthiness requirements and the TSC's Specifications for Wheelchair Accessible Taxis. These specifications outline specific vehicle requirements relating to wheelchair accommodation, hoists and ramps, and restraint systems.

How to apply

To apply for approval to inspect commercial passenger vehicles, please refer to the TSC Commercial passenger vehicle inspection approval policy PDF, 730.3 KB document.

If successful, applicants will be authorised for a six-month pilot period, during which time the TSC will monitor the service provider's performance and compliance with the policy.

The TSC will publish details of any approved commercial passenger vehicle inspection service provider/s on its website.

For more information on the Commercial passenger vehicle inspection approval policy please see the question and answers page.