Annual taxi and hire car vehicle inspections

It is a regulatory requirement that taxis and hire cars undergo an annual inspection to ensure they are roadworthy and provide a safe and comfortable experience for passengers.

All taxis (including wheelchair accessible taxis) and hire cars can be inspected by any licensed vehicle tester (LVT) within Victoria. This means that vehicles no longer have to be inspected by a licensed taxi tester (LTT) as required in the past.

Taxi and hire car vehicle inspections will now align with requirements for private vehicle inspections. These requirements are set out in the updated VicRoads document titled, Vehicle Standards Information bulletin 26 (VSI 26) (see current vehicle standards information on the VicRoads website).

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WATs) are also inspected against VSI 26, but must meet additional WAT specific requirements under Part 5.

The windscreen inspection label previously issued by LTTs, to indicate the vehicle has passed inspection, has been withdrawn.

Operators must ensure that their vehicle/s have a roadworthy inspection every 12 months by an LVT. The certificate of roadworthiness issued by the LVT must be retained within the vehicle as evidence of the inspection.

When vehicles are being prepared for taxi use (including WATs), the roadworthy inspection by a Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT) must occur after all taxi equipment has been installed in the vehicle.

An electronic copy of a roadworthy certificate stored on an electronic device is acceptable.