Taxi licences

New taxi licences are now available.

Putting passengers first - licences PDF, 1.0 MB

Information on this page:

How to apply

  1. Download and complete the Taxi licence application form PDF, 533.3 KB.
  2. Pay the annual licence administration fee – see fees and charges.
  3. Nominate the type of taxi licence you are applying for, and the zone you are operating in.
  4. Provide your proposed vehicle details.

Once you have completed the taxi licence application form, submit it along with all relevant information, including the $52.90 annual licence administration fee, via email to, sending it in by mail, or submitting it in person at our Customer Service Centre.

Note: Pay by EFTPOS or credit card at our Customer Service Centre, or complete section 8 of the application form if submitting your application by post. Cash and cheques are not accepted.  

The annual licence administration fee is non-refundable.

Please note: We no longer provide hard copy taxi licence application forms. They must be downloaded from this page.

For more information on zones, please refer to the taxi zones web page.

Applicant eligibility

Taxi licences can only be granted to applicants holding either operator accreditation or commercial passenger vehicle driver accreditation. We will automatically issue individual operator accreditation to accredited drivers, while the licence is in force.


  • Licence holders cannot lease their taxi licence. You cannot have someone else operate the licence on your behalf.
  • You must own the vehicle that you intend to license as a commercial passenger vehicle. The owner of the vehicle includes:

(a) every person who is the owner or joint owner of a commercial passenger vehicle or commercial goods vehicle

(b) any person who has the use of a commercial passenger vehicle or commercial goods vehicle under a hiring or hire-purchase agreement and

(c) any person in whose name: (i) a commercial passenger vehicle, (ii) a commercial goods vehicle is registered under the Road Safety Act 1986 or any Act or Ordinance of any State or Territory of the Commonwealth corresponding to that Act but does not include an unpaid vendor of any such vehicle under a hire-purchase agreement.

Vehicles attached to licences must meet applicable standards, including registration standards and the Specifications for Wheelchair Accessible Taxis.

Details on your responsibilities as a taxi operator are detailed on the Taxi Owners and Operators page.

Licence administration fee

The annual licence administrative fee of $52.90 applies to each taxi licence issued.

Please refer to the fees and charges page for current information.

Licence conditions

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the operating conditions that apply to the taxi licence type they are applying for. The conditions are set out below:

  • Conventional – Metropolitan and Urban zone
  • Conventional – Regional and Country zone
  • Wheelchair Accessible Taxi – Metropolitan and Urban zone
  • Wheelchair Accessible Taxi – Regional and Country zone

See Taxi licence conditions

Approved applications

Your application will be processed within 10 business days.

Once your application is approved, we will send you a licence certificate, with an approval letter setting out further instructions.

If you have any questions please call our Call Centre on  1800 638 802.