Transferring a taxi-cab licence

Sections of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 relating to commercial passenger vehicle licences are now law. Information about the changes is available on the Industry reforms page.

The below information may be out of date as this page is currently under review.

The licence holder of a taxi licence may apply to the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) for authority to transfer an eligible taxi licence to another licence holder in accordance with section 149 of the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 (Vic).

For licences granted prior to 30 June 2014, please check the historical conditions attached to the licence to determine if it can be transferred. All licences granted on or after 30 June 2014 can be transferred.

Please note that no licence will be transferred if there is money owed against the licence. This includes encumbrances by a financial institution, annual licence fees that have been invoiced or if there are outstanding instalment payment/s for an annual licence fee.

Transfer applications take 10 working days to be assessed. Please do not contact the TSC for an update on the progress of your application prior to 10 working days of receipt of the application.

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How to apply

To apply to transfer an eligible taxi-cab licence, the licence holder (or taxi-cab licence trader) must submit the following documents to us:

  • A transfer agreement signed by the parties. A sample agreement is available for you to use. The TSC recommends that you seek independent legal advice before entering into a taxi licence transfer agreement.
  • Proof of Identity (POI) - certified POI required for the contact person of the transferor (refer to the above application form for POI requirements).

If the transferee intends to operate a taxi under the licence, the following additional documentation must also be submitted with the transfer application:

  • Certificate of Accreditation as a operator (copy sufficient)
  • Letter of acceptance from the Booking Service Provider with which the taxi is to be affiliated (if applicable).

If the transferee intends to assign the rights of the taxi licence to an accredited taxi operato, an Application for Authority to Assign a Taxi Licence with the licence transfer application must also be submitted.

Greater Melbourne Taxi Licence Release (GMTLR) – Transferee statutory declaration

If the licence transfer is a GMTLR fixed-term licence, the transferee must also complete and submit with the taxi licence transfer application, a statutory declaration document relevant to the licence type:

GMTLR transferee statutory declaration (conventional licence):

GMTLR transferee statutory declaration (wheelchair accessible licence):

The TSC recommends that you seek independent legal advice before entering into a taxi licence transfer agreement.

Nominating a representative

If you intend to use a third party in assisting with a transfer then you must lodge a 'Nominated Representative' form with the application to enable the TSC to transact with the party accordingly. Where individuals are acting on your behalf they will be required to provide one certified copy of primary identification.

Payment options

For information on the application fee, see fees and charges.

Payment can be made by:

Please note personal or company cheques will not be accepted.