Licence transfer

Licence holders wanting to transfer their taxi licence can apply directly to us.

Please note: it now costs more to transfer a licence than to apply for a new licence under recent industry reforms.

Recent taxi licence changes mean that:

  • perpetual and fixed-term taxi licences have been revoked and replaced with a new annual taxi licence
  • new taxi licences are available to eligible applicants holding commercial passenger vehicle driver or operator accreditation for a $52.90 annual administrative fee
  • if you are an accredited driver and granted a taxi licence, you will automatically be regarded as an accredited operator and will not need to apply for separate operator accreditation to operate your taxi.

The fee to transfer a taxi licence remains at $177.10.

Transferring a taxi licence

A taxi licence holder may apply to us for authority to transfer a taxi licence to another licence holder in accordance with section 149 of the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 (Vic).

Transfer applications take 14 days to be assessed.

How to apply

To apply to transfer a taxi licence, the licence holder (or nominated representative) must submit the following documents to us:

Nominating a representative

If you intend to use a third party to manage a transfer, then you must lodge a 'Nominated Representative' form with the application to enable us to liaise with the party. Where individuals are acting on your behalf they must provide one certified copy of primary identification.

Payment options

For information on the application fee, see fees and charges.

To make a payment, options include:

  • TSC payment authorisation form PDF, 58.3 KB
  • bank cheque: made payable to the 'Taxi Services Commission'
  • credit or debit card: in person only at the TSC Customer Service Centre, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne 3000.

Please note the TSC Customer Service Centre does not accept cash payments.