Licence transfer and assignment

Sections of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 relating to commercial passenger vehicle licences are now law. Information about the changes is available on the Industry reforms page.

The below information may be out of date as this page is currently under review.

Licence holders and prospective transferees and assignees can manage their own taxi licence transfer and assignment transactions by applying directly to us. They also have the flexibility to use an agent who trades in taxi-cab licences.

Please note we do not issue valuations on taxi licenses as they can significantly vary from licence to licence. We do however publish the average sales prices of previous months on our website. This should only be used as a guide and may not be a true reflection of the value of a licence. This advice is also provided to financial institutions and government agencies.

Licenses can only be transferred and/or assigned if the licence conditions allow a transfer or assignment. For licences granted prior to 30 June 2014 please check the conditions attached to the licence to determine if the licence is non-transferrable or non-assignable. New licences granted on or after 30 June 2014 can be transferred but cannot be assigned.

From 1 June 2015 we will no longer record on licence certificates if the licence is currently being held as security by a financial institution for a loan such as a mortgage, charge, lien or trust. This is known as an encumbrance.

In addition from 1 June 2015 the TSC will not accept the notation of any new encumbrances for licences. Instead financial institutions should use of the Personal Property Securities Register. The register enables individuals or organisations (such as financial institutions) to record their interest in property. Members of the public are able to search this register to see if a security interest is listed against personal property (such as a licence).

It is your responsibility to confirm if a taxi licence is being held as security before purchasing it.

Any licence that has an encumbrance noted with the TSC (and printed on the licence certificate issued before 1 June 2015) will still need to provide evidence from the financial institution releasing the licence prior to the licence being transferred.

Assigning or transferring a taxi-cab licence

Assignment and transfer licence prices