Decals, labels and livery

This page sets out the requirements for taxis to be fitted with decals (exterior stickers) and livery (taxi vehicle branding).

We require that taxis are painted in the 'Victorian Taxi Yellow' colour scheme or another colour approved by us.

Taxis are also required to be fitted with decals and labels.


Unless a valid livery exemption applies, all Victorian taxis must be fitted with the following decals:

Taxi decal 1

A rectangle with the word TAXI in green on a white background, located on the bonnet.

Note: green only applies if the taxi is painted in 'Victorian Taxi Yellow'.

Taxi decal 2

A green and yellow chequered strip extending the length of the vehicle each side, just below the line of the windows.

Note: decal 2 is optional if the vehicle is painted in a colour/s other than 'Victorian Taxi Yellow'. If fitted, the decal must not resemble the colour scheme of an emergency service vehicle.

Taxi decal 3

A rectangle with the word TAXI and the vehicle's registration number in green on a white background located on each rear door.

If the number plate ends with a letter, for example 0456 M, the letter must be included on the decal.

Note: green only applies if the vehicle is painted in 'Victorian Taxi Yellow'.

Taxi decal 4

Must display the name, trademark or trade name and telephone number of the Booking Service Provider (BSP) that the taxi operator is affiliated with, on each front door of the taxi.

For further information on fitting decals refer to the guidleines below.


A taxi operator must display the specified labels/fittings as listed in the table below and in the positions prescribed:


Labels / fittings Placement

Passenger fares label*

Feedback label*

Internal security camera label*

Payment surcharge advice label

Two (2) of each label must be affixed inside the taxi as follows:

  • one on the dashboard visible to front seat passengers
  • on the left upper section of the passenger side front windscreen
  • one must be affixed in the rear passenger area of the taxi.

Any labels fitted on the dashboard must be located outside the airbag deployment area.

Print ready passenger fares labels are available below for download.


*Means that the label is issued by the Taxi Services Commission.

Labels must be clearly visible to passengers and not impact on safety, amenity or visibility.

Labels / fittings Placement

External safety camera label*

A taxi fitted with a security camera system must display approved external taxi safety camera labels above each door handle.

Tactile signs

Tactile signs must be fitted to the exterior of passenger doors forward of, and level with, the door handles.

Payment surcharge advice labels

External labels to be fitted to the front quarter panel on each side of the taxi.

Prepaid fare labels

All taxis must display the two (2) external prepaid labels as follows:

1. White text on red background prepaid fare           label

This label must be placed:


Rear window – displayed in a central position at the top of the window. Do not place label over, or obstruct, any high mounted rear brake light.

Station wagons        

Bottom of passenger side (near side) rear window (cargo area window).

Van type taxis (WATs and HOVs)        

Bottom of passenger side (near side) rear window (i.e. window of the side entry door).

2. Black text on silver background prepaid           fare label

This label must be placed directly below or above the existing 'TAXI" label on the front of all taxis.

For further information on fitting decals see, refer to the guidelines below.


Melbourne metropolitan taxis must be painted in 'Victorian Taxi Yellow'.

Taxis in the Melbourne metropolitan zone can apply to be exempted from the 'Victorian Taxi Yellow' paint requirement. The requirements and process to apply are  detailed here.

Taxis in the Urban and Large Regional (Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Mornington Peninsula), Regional and Country zones do not have to be painted 'Victorian Taxi Yellow'.

When choosing an alternative taxi livery colour, operators are encouraged to keep in mind the needs of visually-impaired passengers and explore bright, visible colours.


Regulation 15 of the current regulations requires operators to attach any sign, symbol, label or notice approved by the Taxi Services Commission, in the manner and location approved by the Commission.

Regulation 24 of the current regulations requires that operators:

  • display the name, phone number and trademark or trade name of the operator or BSP on the side of the taxi; and
  • paint the taxi in a colour approved by the Commission.