Industry reforms

Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017

The Taxi Services Commission is implementing key industry reforms from the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 in stages.

Industry reforms include:

Low Cost Licences

Taxi and hire car licences are available on application.

If you are an accredited driver, you may apply for a low cost taxi licence without obtaining separate operator accreditation.

Taxi and Hire Car Licence Changes

Changes were made to some taxi and hire car licences on Monday, 9 October 2017.

Perpetual and fixed term taxi licences were revoked and replaced with annual licences.

Hire cars are now able to operate in any zone within Victoria and have been issued with a new set of licence conditions.

Special Purpose and Restricted Hire licences were revoked and replaced with Victorian hire car licences.

The Taxi Services Commission has written to those affected by the changes.

For more information about the changes see Taxi licence changes or Hire car licence changes

Transition Assistance

The Taxi Services Commission has made Transition Assistance payments to eligible licence holders.

All cheque payments were mailed to eligible licence holders in September and October 2017.

Introducing Booking Service Providers

The provisions governing Booking Service Providers came into effect on 2 November 2017.

Network Service Providers have been deemed to be Booking Service Providers and a new definition for booking service has been introduced. The Taxi Services Commission wrote to all existing Network Service Providers and issued new Booking Service Provider accreditation certificates.

For more information see Booking Service Providers.

Industry Trip Levy

From 2018, all Booking Service Providers and other commercial passenger vehicle businesses will be charged a levy on all commercial passenger vehicle trips.

The levy will be used to recover the cost of the Transition Assistance support package for licence holders and contribute to the provision of ongoing accessible transport services.

Further information about the industry trip levy is available on the DEDJTR website.