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Taxi operator accreditation and obligations

To operate a taxi in Victoria you must be an accredited operator.

These obligations, outlined on our Your taxi and your obligations page, aim to ensure that:

  • vehicles are safe and well maintained
  • drivers are engaged under acceptable conditions
  • customers have the information they require to make informed decisions about the taxi services they choose to use.

Operators can choose to provide their own booking services, or affiliate with an established Booking Service Provider.

To understand your options regarding booking services, refer to Booking services and your taxi.

If you are thinking about joining Victoria's taxi industry, there are many things to consider before you begin. See information for new taxi operators.

Becoming an accredited operator

There are two options to become an accredited operator.

Option 1: accredited drivers become accredited operators when granted a taxi licence

If you are an accredited driver, you may now apply for a taxi licence.

If you are granted a taxi licence, you will automatically be regarded as an accredited operator.  This means you do not need to apply for separate operator accreditation to operate your taxi.

Your operator accreditation will remain current as long as your driver accreditation, and at least one of your taxi licences, remains current.

You will no longer be regarded as being an accredited operator if your:

  • driver accreditation is cancelled, expired or
  • taxi licence is cancelled, suspended or revoked.

If you no longer hold driver accreditation, then you can apply for operator accreditation to continue operating your taxi.

Please note: as an accredited operator, you may be subject to additional conditions and requirements.


Case 1: Sandeep

Sandeep, an accredited taxi driver, was granted a taxi licence and as a result became an accredited operator. A few months later he fell ill with a heart condition and his medical practitioner advised it was no longer safe for him to drive. Due to Sandeep’s medical condition, his driver accreditation was cancelled and as a result he was no longer regarded to have operator accreditation. In order to continue operating his taxi, Sandeep applied for operator accreditation.

Case 2: Rosa

Rosa, an accredited taxi driver, was granted a taxi licence and as a result became an accredited operator. After six months of operating a taxi, Rosa moved overseas and cancelled her taxi licence. As Rosa’s taxi licence was cancelled, she was no longer regarded as an accredited operator.

Case 3: George

George, an accredited taxi driver, was granted a taxi licence and as a result became an accredited operator. A few weeks later, George received his driver accreditation renewal form but he submitted it late and his driver accreditation expired. As his driver accreditation expired, George was no longer regarded as an accredited operator. Once George’s driver accreditation was renewed, he became an accredited operator again.

Option 2: apply for operator accreditation

If you do not have current driver accreditation, you can apply for operator accreditation.

How to apply

  1. Complete the application form and provide 100 points of ID for all relevant persons and a completed TSC Informed consent form PDF, 82.5 KB for each person.

Submit the form along with all required documentation, at the TSC Customer Service Centre or send it in by mail as per the address details in the application form.

Applicants wanting to apply for operator accreditation as a legal partnership also need to complete a statutory declaration:

Operator accreditation applications are usually processed within 10 business days.