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Industry Transition Assistance Payments

The Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 was passed by the Victorian Parliament on 10 August 2017 and is part of the Victorian Government’s changes to the taxi and hire car industry.

The Victorian Government recognises that these changes have affected existing licence holders and is providing financial support to assist licence holders who have transited to the new regulatory system.

Transition Assistance payments are part of this financial support and are being managed by the Taxi Services Commission on behalf of the Victorian Government. All payments have now been made.

Eligibility Criteria

Please visit the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources website for information about the eligibility criteria and payment amounts for Transition Assistance.


Transition Assistance payments have been paid via cheque to the entity that was registered with the Taxi Services Commission as the licence holder.

An entity can be an individual person, partnership, registered company, co-operative, incorporated association or body corporate.

Transition Assistance cheques cannot be split between members of a partnership or issued to a third party.

Cheque payments were mailed to eligible licence holders in September and October.

If you are unable to bank your cheque because it is either damaged or lost, please contact us.


Transition Assistance examples:

Case 1: George

George owned four metropolitan taxi licences, on 15 August 2016 until 14 July 2017.

George was entitled to receive $100,000 for his first licence, $50,000 for the second, $50,000 for the third, and $50,000 for the fourth.

George received $250,000 in Transition Assistance.

Case 2: Rosa

Rosa owned a regional Wheelchair Accessible Taxi licence and a country Wheelchair Accessible Taxi licence. She held these licences on 15 August 2016 until 14 July 2017.

Rosa was entitled to a payment of $50,000 for her regional Wheelchair Accessible Taxi licence and $7,500 for her country Wheelchair Accessible Taxi licence.

Rosa received $57,500 in Transition Assistance.

Case 3: Sanjeet

Sanjeet had one metropolitan taxi licence and one regional taxi licence. The regional taxi licence had been held for more than five years and was eligible for a Transition Assistance payment.

He purchased the metropolitan taxi licence in December 2016, which was outside the eligibility period for Transition Assistance.

Sanjeet received a $50,000 Transition Assistance payment for his regional taxi licence only.


The Taxi Services Commission provides an efficient, fair and accessible process for addressing enquiries and feedback about Transition Assistance payments.

Feedback received by the Taxi Services Commission is handled in a timely, accurate and non-discriminatory way.

Transition Assistance enquiries and feedback will be handled in accordance with the Taxi Services Commission customer feedback and complaints handling policy.

Issues with Transition Assistance payments may be considered by the Taxi Services Commission, where supporting evidence is provided in writing, via email to the contact us email address.