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Licence conditions - restricted hire vehicle (+25 years) licences

Sections of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 relating to commercial passenger vehicle licences are now law. Information about the changes is available on the Industry reforms page.

The below information may be out of date as this page is currently under review.

Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983

  1. 1. The licence is non-transferable.
  2. 2. The licence holder must ensure that the driver of the licensed vehicle is aware of the conditions contained in this document.
  3. 3. A copy of the licence conditions must be carried in the licensed vehicle at all times and must be produced on demand to an Authorised Officer.
  4. 4. The licensed vehicle must be:-
    1. 4.1 operated for the carriage of passengers only when:
      1. (a) a booking has been made at a time prior to commencement of the hiring; and
      2. (b) the hirer has arranged for the licensed vehicle to attend at a specified address or location to pick up the hirer or other passenger/s; and
      3. (c) the licensed vehicle is required to travel to that address or location in order to fulfil the hiring.
    2. 4.2

      vehicle which was manufactured more than 25 years before the date the vehicle was first licensed as a commercial passenger vehicle and which is essentially in original condition or has been restored to original condition mechanically and structurally and which retain an overall appearance consistent with its original manufactured condition;

      (vehicles manufactured more than 25 years ago, but which have been extensively modified or re-manufactured less than 25 years ago are not permitted to be licensed under this licence category)

    3. 4.3 registered in the name of the licence holder;
    4. 4.4 managed and operated from the address specified on the licence; and
    5. 4.5 maintained to a high standard of presentation.
  5. 5. The licensed vehicle must be managed and operated by, or under the direct control of, the licence holder.
  6. 6. The right to operate the licence must not be assigned, leased or by any other means transferred to the control and management of any other person.
  7. 7. Hiring rates must be by agreement with the hirer made prior to the commencement of the hiring. The hiring of the licensed vehicles must be for the exclusive use of the hirer or passenger/s on whose behalf the hiring has been made.
  8. 8. A Multi Purpose Taxi Program membership card must not be used, accepted or processed for any payment or part payment for a journey made in the licensed vehicle or for the hire of the licensed vehicle.
  9. 9. Accurate records must be maintained of all hirings undertaken by the licensed vehicle. Records of hirings must include, but are not limited to, the name, address and telephone number of the hirer, pick-up address of the passenger/s, set-down address of the passenger/s, date and pick-up time for the hiring and the name and drivers' certificate number of the driver undertaking the hiring.
  10. 10. The licence holder and driver must ensure that a diary containing details of the current hiring and any future bookings to be undertaken by the licensed vehicle is carried in the licensed vehicle at all times. The diary must
    • contain bound pages and have a protective cover;
    • contain full records of hirings as specified in clause 9;
    • be legible and kept in the English language; and
    • be produced for inspection upon demand to an Authorised Officer or member of the police force.
  11. 11.

    Diary records must be made available for inspection upon demand to an Authorised Officer or member of the police force. The licence holder or driver must, within a reasonable time, if asked by an Authorised Officer or member of the police force give that officer or member an accurate copy of the diary records or permit the officer or member to make a copy of those records.

    Diary records relating to completed hirings must, if not being carried in the licensed vehicles at the time, be held for a minimum of three (3) years at the address specified on the licence.

  12. 12. If the licence is held by an incorporated body, the company must notify the Taxi Services Commission within seven (7) days of any change of personnel who constitute the directors of that company.
  13. 13. A certificate of roadworthiness must be obtained for the licensed vehicle from a Licensed Vehicle Tester at intervals not exceeding 24 months and supplied to the TSC within 28 days of the date of issue of that certificate.
  14. 14. Promotional signage may be displayed on the licensed vehicle subject to the following conditions:
    • Placement

      Signage is permitted only in the following locations on the licensed vehicles:

      • Rear Window
      • either within the top 200mm or the lower 100mm of the available rear window glass. Signage is not permitted on both upper and lower sections.
      • Front Door
      • Number Plate Frames

        only on frames of a general standard appearance.

    • Dimensions
      • Letter /number height must not exceed 50mm
    • Approved Content
      • company/licence holder name;
      • company logo/trademark;
      • website address; or
      • landline telephone number of the licence holder's operational address as per conditions of licence (mobile numbers are not permitted)
    • Print Style/Quality
      • all signage must be of a professional standard and maintained to a high level of presentation.
    • Other Approved Signage
      • Stickers indicating membership or affiliation with a Professional Industry Association may be displayed on the front windscreen adjacent to the registration label.
    • Conditions

      Licence holders must ensure that:

      • rear window signage does not interfere with the driver's view through the rear vision mirror;
      • signage is completely clear of, and does not impede the line of vision of the vehicle's brake light operation from the rear;
      • any signage does not imply that the vehicle is licensed to be hired off-the-street or by direct booking with the driver; and
      • no other signs, stickers, labels or markings, other than those required or permitted by legislation, regulation or licence conditions, are displayed internally or externally on the licensed vehicle without the approval of the Taxi Services Commission.

A licensed vehicle when operating as a commercial passenger vehicle must at all times be driven by a person who holds a current Drivers' Accreditation. To obtain a Drivers' Accreditation a driver must apply to the Taxi Services Commission or any VicRoads Registration and Licensing Office.

Special Identifying Numbers (Custom Plates), Black & White Reflective Identifying Numbers and Personalised Plates where an "Agreement" between VicRoads and the purchaser is signed, cannot be issued to any vehicle which is licensed or becomes licensed as a commercial passenger vehicle under the Transport Act 1983. The only exemption from the above is where the "Agreement" was signed prior to 1/1/1994.

Section 144 of the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 requires that the licence be taken up within ninety days from the date of this letter otherwise the TSC may cancel the licence.

In the future the Taxi Services Commission will require special identifying number plates to be displayed on commercial passenger vehicles.

Taxi Services Commission
May 2004