Restricted Hire Vehicle licence

Restricted Hire Vehicle (RHV) licences are issued for pre-booked services only. This licence caters specifically for:

  • vehicles aged 25 years and over
  • motorcycle tours
  • tricycle tours
  • 4WD off-road tours
  • vehicles with a seating capacity for between 8-9 seats used in connection with a tour package.

RHVs are subject to the licence conditions that are to be with the vehicle at all times.

They are permitted to operate at Melbourne or Avalon Airports provided they are pre-booked, form part of their service route and adhere to their licence conditions.

How to apply for a Restricted Hire Vehicle licence.

Restricted Hire Vehicles can be identified by the rectangular windscreen sticker and include the vehicle's registration number (pictured below). These change colour each year.

Restricted Vehicle Sticker 

Note: Restricted Hire Vehicle licences are issued under section 141B of the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 (Vic) and are non-transferable.