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Applying for a Country Hire Car licence

Sections of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 relating to commercial passenger vehicle licences are now law. Information about the changes is available on the Industry reforms page.

The below information may be out of date as this page is currently under review.

Country Hire Car licences are issued for pre-booked point-to-point commercial passenger vehicle work undertaken in an approved motor vehicle where the licence holder has an operational address located outside the Metropolitan Hire Car licence zone (see the boundary map).

Vehicles operating on Country Hire Car licences are issued with special identifying VHC registration plates.

We will consider applications for Country Hire Car licences provided that the issue of the licence is deemed to be in the public interest, including having regard for taxi-cab or hire car services in the district in accordance with Section 142 of the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 (Vic).

Country Hire Car licences are not permitted to operate on any journey wholly within the Metropolitan Hire Car licence zone.

How to apply

Please familiarise yourself with the Uniform hire car licence conditions before applying.

To apply for a Country Hire Car licence, the following documents must be submitted:

Please note: The application fee, licence issue fee and annual licence fee must all be paid upon submission of the application.

The TSC will conduct a Criminal History Check on your behalf. The results of this check may affect your application. To find out more about police checks see Police Checks by the TSC.

To assist determination of an application for issue of a country hire car licence, we require information about the level of service to be provided by an applicant and the level of service that is currently being provided within the proposed operating area by existing taxis and any other commercial passenger vehicles.

On receipt of an application, comment will be invited from potential interested parties such as taxi operators and other commercial passenger vehicle licence holders in the proposed area. Should any interest be expressed in relation to the application, copies of responses will be provided to the applicant for comment.

A decision for the issue of a country hire car licence may take some time to process.

We will assess your application and respond within 15 business days.

Payment options

Payment for the application fee, licence issue fee and annual licence fee can be made by:

  • Bank Cheque or money order: made payable to the 'Taxi Services Commission'
  • Payment Authorisation in Section 12 of the Non-Taxi Licence application form.

Please note: If your application is refused, the TSC will refund the licence issue fee and annual licence fee. The application fee is non-refundable.

Approved applications

Upon approval of the application, the licence holder will receive a licence certificate and an approval letter which will request the following:

  • A current roadworthy certificate from a licensed taxi tester for the vehicle to be used as a hire car (no older than 30 days) and the vehicle's registration certificate.


  • If the vehicle is brand new, we require a letter from the dealership (on company letterhead) confirming that the vehicle is a non-demonstrator model. The letter must also include the vehicle registration number, VIN, engine number, make, model, compliance plate date and name of licence holder.

We will then allocate special identifying VHC registration plates for the vehicle and issue an 'Authority to Register' to permit VicRoads to register the vehicle as a hire car.Please note that the name the vehicle is registered in must match the name of the licence holder

See also: Transferring an existing Country Hire Car licence.