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tsc iconWheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) licence fee changes

On 22 September 2016, the decision to offer wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) licences for a reduced fee was reversed as it became apparent that the measure may not be resulting in an increase in WAT vehicles as intended.

As a result, all WAT licences will revert back to the original price as detailed under fees and charges on our website.

No new licences have been issued under this arrangement.

The Taxi Services Commission will soon be writing to those that have applied for a licence at the reduced fee inviting them to withdraw their application. Once the application is withdrawn, fees paid will be refunded.

Taxi licence assignment

An 'assignment' is a contract where one party holds a taxi-cab licence (the 'assignor') and leases the rights in the licence to operate a taxi-cab to another person (the 'assignee'), usually for a fee. 

Each assignment agreement will be different, but each party will have rights and obligations under the assignment agreement. Those rights and obligations will depend largely on what the parties have agreed to.

For more on licence assignments refer to Assigning a taxi-cab licence.

Taxi licences

While the government has announced changes to the regulatory framework in the future, there is still a requirement for all taxis to operate under a valid taxi licence.

Are conventional taxi licences now available free from the Taxi Services Commission (TSC)?

No. Conventional taxi licences are not available free of charge from the TSC. The cost of an annual conventional taxi licence for the metropolitan zone is $23,017. Licences purchased after 23 August 2016 are not entitled to a rebate.

Are wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) licences entitled to a rebate?

Yes. If you purchased a new WAT licence on or before 23 August 2016 or renew an existing WAT licence you willl be entitled to a rebate.

I want to operate a taxi licence, what are my options?

To operate a taxi you must have a valid taxi licence.

To obtain a licence, you can either:

  • operate one under assignment from a licence holder, or
  • obtain an annual licence from the TSC at full price – this cost is not rebated.

Remember – annual licences purchased after 23 August 2016 are not entitled to a rebate.

I have an existing assignment with a licence holder – can I just cancel this assignment?

If you are operating a taxi under an existing assignment, you are still required to meet the obligations of that agreement.

Knowledge test

The Knowledge test has been removed. Drivers are no longer required to take the test as part of the accreditation process, except for wheelchair accessible taxi drivers who must still sit a theory and practical assessment.

To apply for accreditation:

  • visit our website
  • download the application form
  • lodge your application by email
  • wait for the outcome

It's important to provide an email address on your application form, because this way we can provide you with regular email updates about how your application is progressing.  

Once approved, your documentation will be posted to your nominated address.

Upgrading your accreditation

Country, Regional or Urban taxi drivers

If you are already a Country, Regional or Urban taxi driver, and now want to drive in the Urban or Metro zones, you do not need to contact the TSC to make any changes/updates to your status.

You are automatically permitted to drive in the Urban or Metro zones as long as you have a:

  • Current Driver Accreditation (DC)
  • Current MPTP login Card
  • Current Taxi Driver Identity Card

Even if your MPTP log in card specifies a particular zone (e.g. Regional), your MPTP card will work in any other zone/vehicle with a Cabcharge machine because system has been adjusted.

Hire car drivers

If you are a hire car driver and you now want to become a taxi driver in any zone:

You need to:

  • Call the TSC to upgrade your Accreditation to include 'Taxi'. You do not need to visit the TSC Customer Service Centre to do this
  • Take your current DC Certificate to ANY VicRoads office across the state and get your photo taken
  • Wait for delivery of your Taxi Driver Identity Card and MPTP log in card to your postal address