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FAQs: changes to emergency vouchers

There have been a number of changes to the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) emergency vouchers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions so that you can transition easily to the new vouchers.

New MPTP voucher

What changes are being made to the emergency vouchers?

Emergency vouchers are changing and will look different. Additional fields have been added to the vouchers and will require drivers to provide more information when completing them.

What extra information do I need to fill out on the new emergency vouchers?

Drivers need to record the following information on the new emergency vouchers:

  • The booking service provider (BSP)
  • The taxi registration number
  • The taxi zone/region needs to be circled
  • Your reason for using the emergency voucher

Instructions on how to complete the vouchers correctly can be found on the inside of the emergency voucher book.

An instructional poster has also been made available to your BSP to show you how to fill out the vouchers.

What happens if I don't fill out the voucher correctly?

If you do not complete all information required on the voucher, the claim may be rejected by the Taxi Services Commission (TSC).

Can I swap voucher books between taxis?

Emergency vouchers are registration specific, and belong to one taxi at all times. This means you cannot use the voucher book in a different taxi.

I have started using the old voucher. Can I keep using it or do I need to start using the new one?

The TSC will honour current vouchers but you will be issued new vouchers once your current vouchers have run out.

Where can I get the new emergency vouchers from?

From 1 July 2013 new vouchers will be distributed to your operator or BSP. A maximum of two voucher books will be issued per taxi.

The current process will apply for BSPs without an electronic terminal.

Can I collect the new vouchers from the TSC?

Only operators of authorised delegates can collect voucher books from the TSC.

The process of obtaining voucher books for country operators remain the same and can be requested by emailing the TSC

Will the changes affect how I process MPTP trips?

There are no changes to the way you process MPTP payments. Please make sure member details are current and correct, otherwise your voucher for that trip will be rejected.

MPTP members are still using VTD cards under the TSC. Can I still process their fare?

You may find that MPTP member cards will still have VTD on it. The TSC will accept cards with 'VTD' printed on them as long as they are current.

My driver login card says VTD on it. Do I have to apply for a new card once the TSC commences on 1 July 2013?

You do not need to contact the TSC for a new login card. Your current VTD driver login card will still valid and can be processed normally.

As long as your card has not expired, you will still be able to log on to the Cabcharge terminal and process MPTP payments.

Why am I unable to login to the Cabcharge terminal?

If you are having problems login into Cabcharge, please contact us on 1800 638 802.