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Taxi driver safety

Victorian taxi drivers carry an estimated 45 million passengers annually, providing a safe and reliable transport option, particularly during the late night and early morning hours. As a driver, remember that your personal safety is your first priority at all times.

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) is committed to supporting taxi drivers through a range of safety initiatives including prepaid fares, taxi driver protection screens and safety cameras. This section provides safety initiatives, tips and resources for drivers.

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Driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is a risk to the health and safety of taxi drivers and the public. In Victoria alone, driver fatigue is a factor in more than 25 per cent of road crashes.

To help manage driver fatigue, the TSC has developed fatigue management guidelines. These guidelines aim to improve awareness of fatigue-related issues and make taxi services safer for all Victorians.

Theft of driver property

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) is seeing an increasing trend where passengers (and other parties) steal mobile phones and wallets from the centre console of taxis. This can easily be avoided. Drivers are reminded to keep their valuables secure at all times and not readily accessible or visible to other persons. Apart from the loss and replacement of such items - which can be expensive and time consuming - you may need to go off the road to report the matter to authorities, and you seek to obtain duplicates of any necessary driver licences or accreditation (if required).

Counterfeit cash payments

Another concerning crime emerging in taxi cabs is the use of counterfeit or fake $50 and $100 notes. A number of drivers have been unsuspectingly caught out in recent times by passengers targeting taxi drivers. These people often travel at night and use these fake notes when taking short trips (so that the maximum real currency can be given back to them in change). Drivers not only run the risk of losing the metered fare amount for the trip, but also being out of pocket for the amount of change given (sometimes up to $90 dollars).

Drivers should familiarise themselves with the security features of legitimate bank notes and be wary of the circumstances and any passengers using these ($50/$100) denominations, when paying for their trip.

In any instances where a crime has been committed against you, report the matter as soon as possible to Victoria Police. Victoria Police is the only authority able to investigate these matters and request the TSC to download any footage from the security cameras for investigative purposes.

Driver safety equipment

Driver support programs

Drivers are encouraged to use the following support services: