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Applications for Driver Accreditation

Drivers of commercial passenger vehicles, including country taxis and hire cars, commercial bus services, local bus services, wedding vehicles and tour vehicles, must hold a Driver Accreditation.

This page outlines the application process.

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To drive any type of commercial passenger vehicle or commercial and local bus anywhere in Victoria, you must hold a driver accreditation.  

A commercial passenger vehicle is any motor vehicle that is used or intended to be used for carrying passengers for hire or reward. As well as taxis and hire cars, commercial passenger vehicles include:

  • wedding vehicles
  • tour vehicles
  • other special purpose vehicles
  • restricted hire car vehicles, such as motorcycles and vehicles manufactured more than 25 years ago
  • Commercial and local bus services.

Find out more about applying for a driver accreditation to drive taxis in the metropolitan or urban & large regional taxi zones, see Driver accreditation - Knowledge test & training for taxis.

For information for hire cars in the metropolitan hire car zone, see Accreditation to drive a hire car in the Metropolitan Hire Car Zone including the Knowledge.

If you are currently an accredited commercial passenger vehicle driver or authorised driving instructor from another State or Territory in Australia or New Zealand, you are eligible to apply for mutual recognition. Applicants applying for mutual recognition in the Metropolitan Hire Car zone and or the Metropolitan or Urban taxi zones will still be required to complete relevant modules of the Knowledge before being granted accreditation in those zones:

Application process

To apply for Driver Accreditation, applicants must complete the following application process:

Step 1: Complete the application form

To apply, complete the Application for Driver Accreditation (including having the medical and vision acuteness certificate completed by an appropriate medical professional) and the Driver Health Questionnaire (completed by an appropriate medical professional) :

You are required to submit:

  • Your completed application form (including the medical and vision acuity sections completed by your doctor), amd the Driver Health Questionnaire (completed by an appropriate medical professional) which must be less than six months old.
  • A completed Consent & Declaration in Section 7 of the Application.
  • Evidence that you have held a full and current driver licence in an Australian state or territory or in New Zealand for a minimum period of six months.
  • Certified copies of your proof of identity documents, including evidence of entitlement to work in Australia.

Step 2: Lodge your application, along with the appropriate fee

You may lodge your application form by:

You will receive a confirmation letter when your application is received by the TSC.

Complete applications will be accepted and processed in approximately 10 business days once received by us.

Once completed, you will receive your accreditation documents via the mail to the postal address you supplied on your application.

If applying for a taxi endorsement, the letter will also explain that you must attend your local VicRoads office and request that you have your photo captured for the purpose of issuing you with your Taxi Accreditation photo ID.

Applications that are considered incomplete or have missing information will not be processed and will be returned to you to correct the incomplete or missing sections.

Step 3: Assessment of application

We will assess your application, taking into consideration:

  • our duty of care to the public
  • the results of your medical examination and vision acuteness test (please note that medical standards to drive a commercial passenger vehicle are higher than those for a private vehicle, therefore your medical assessment may differ to the assessment conducted by VicRoads)
  • your driving and criminal history and whether there may be an increased risk of re-offending
  • your ability to provide the service.

Step 4: Outcome of assessment

If we are satisfied that your application meets the above criteria, we will issue you a driver accreditation and a copy of Driver accreditation conditions once your application is approved.

Your driver accreditation documents will be mailed to you.

Renewing your Driver Accreditation

You will be sent a renewal form approximately 16 weeks before your driver accreditation expires.

To ensure that your accreditation is renewed before your current driver accreditation expiry date please submit your renewal as soon as possible after you receive it in the mail. 

Renewals submitted less than 10 working days before the current expiry date may not be assessed before expiry.  If your driver accreditation expires before it is renewed you will not be able to work during this time.

Drivers with specialist medical conditions should provide all medical reports as requested at least four weeks before their current accreditation is due to expire to avoid disappointment.

To apply for the renewal of your driver accreditation, you need to:

  • complete and sign the renewal form
  • have the medical certificate completed by a registered medical practitioner, which must be less than six months old (please note that medical fitness standards differ in some aspects to those applied by VicRoads for medium and heavy ridged vehicles due to a higher duty of care to the travelling public)
  • have the visual acuteness certificate completed by a registered medical practitioner or registered optometrist, which must be less than six months old
  • lodge the form by email: driveraccreditation@taxi.vic.gov.au or post: GPO Box 1716, Melbourne, 3001. It is recommended you keep copies of your application if you are submitting via mail.

If all criteria are met, we will re-issue a driver accreditation by mail for a further period on payment of the fee.

If your driver accreditation has expired by less than three months, you may apply for renewal however you will be required to submit a TSC Informed Consent form PDF, 82.5 KB along with your driver accreditation renewal application and the expired renewal fee. The informed consent form will allow the TSC to conduct a National Police Check on your behalf.

If you allow your driver accreditation to expire by more than three months you cannot apply to renew your accreditation and must submit a new application for driver accreditation. 


The application fee can be paid by completing the Payment Authorisation in Section 8 of the Form.

If you are posting the application form to us, you may include a Bank Cheque or Money order. Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted. EFTPOS facilities are also available at the TSC Customer Service Centre.

Please note from 1 July 2016 cash payments will not be accepted at the TSC Customer Service Centre.

For further information on payments, see fees and charges.

Further information

For further information about the application process, contact us at driveraccreditation@taxi.vic.gov.au 

Vision Acuity Certificate

If your vision assessment is being conducted by a professional other than your GP (such as a registered optometrist) you can use the Vision Acuity Form PDF, 90.1 KB and submit it with your application.