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Internal review

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) conducts internal reviews of certain decisions affecting operators, Booking Service Providers and drivers.

Note: the information on this page does not relate to the internal review of infringement notices. If you wish to request an internal review of an infringement notice, please follow the instructions on the back of the notice itself and lodge the request through Fines Victoria, Ground Floor, 277 William Street Melbourne 3000.

If your accreditation has been affected by a decision made by the TSC, you can apply to have this decision reviewed by the TSC.

Decisions affecting a person's accreditation may include:

  • refusing an application for accreditation
  • refusing an application for renewal of accreditation
  • disqualifying a person from applying for accreditation
  • imposing a condition, restriction or other limitation on an accreditation
  • varying or revoking a condition, restriction or other limitation on an accreditation
  • taking disciplinary action (including cancellation or suspension of an accreditation)
  • serving an improvement notice
  • refusing to reinstate a suspended accreditation
  • retaining a seized thing.

You cannot apply for a review of a decision that:

  • has already been internally reviewed by the TSC
  • was made by the TSC, and not by a TSC delegate
  • is one that can only be reviewed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Only VCAT has jurisdiction to review some decisions. Examples include:
    • decisions made on the basis of a category or tier 1 offence the applicant being made subject to reporting obligations under Working with Children legislation
    • the applicant being disqualified from applying for accreditation.

Lodging an application for internal review

To lodge an application for internal review you must complete the Application for Internal Review form and lodge it within 28 days of receiving your first decision. You can submit this form in person at the TSC or by email to internalreview@taxi.vic.gov.au:

The internal review application is free. However, If you want to submit any documents (like medical reports), or engage a lawyer, you will need to cover this at your own expense.


Not everyone can make an application for an internal review. The TSC's decision letter will tell you if you are eligible to apply. In general, operators and Booking Service Providers are eligible if they are:

  • a person who is an applicant for accreditation
  • an accredited person
  • a relevant person in relation to an applicant for accreditation or an accredited person
  • whose interests are affected by a reviewable decision.

Drivers are eligible if they are affected by a decision relating to their accreditation or application for accreditation.