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Mutual Recognition Agreement

'Driving Instructors' are covered under the Mutual Recognition Agreement implemented through the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) on 11 May 1992. It should be noted that the Mutual Recognition Agreement is based on skills transference from one state or territory to another and that, 'the scheme does not seek to interfere with regulation by the states, … of initial entry to, the conduct of, or practice in, occupations'.

In summary, the Mutual Recognition Agreement allows a skill or training to be recognised Australia-wide but also allows each state or territory to assess suitability criteria, including medical and criminal assessments.

Under the Road Safety Act 1986 (VIC) upon application for a driving instructor authority, the Taxi Services Commission must be satisfied that the applicant is qualified to hold such an authority, including that the applicant is a fit and proper person to hold the authority.

In order to determine that an applicant meets these criteria, we require on initial application, the provision of:

  • a National Police Check issued by an Australian State or Territory Police Agency within the last six months; and
  • a medical certificate completed by a registered medical practitioner with an opinion as to the applicant's fitness to drive.

However, providing that the respective State or Territory (where the authority is held) can provide us with the information outlined above and the applicant meets the legislative requirements to hold a driving instructor authority within Victoria, they will be granted an authority without the need for an additional medical or police check.

We will accept medical reports and police checks utilised and obtained for the purposes of interstate authorities or VicRoads Licensing, providing they meet the requirements above.

While we will assist in reducing the regulatory burden where possible, it must adhere to current legislative requirements when issuing driving instructor authorities.