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Statement of Expectations

In January 2014, Cabinet accepted a submission from the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) recommending that relevant ministers issue each of Victoria's regulators (including the Taxi Services Commission (TSC)) with a Statement of Expectation (SOE).

The SOEs are designed to establish clear expectations of regulator performance in priority areas and reduce the costs faced by Victorian businesses.

As a regulator, the Taxi Service Commission has been issued with a SOE that outlines a broad set of performance and governance objectives, which may include some or all of:

  • Cooperation amongst regulations
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Clear and consistent regulator activities
  • Risk-based strategies
  • Timeliness, and
  • Compliance-related assistance and advice.

The TSC will consult with business, other areas of government and the broader community (where applicable) as it works to towards developing actions that will assist in achieving these objectives.

A copy of the Statement of Expectations issued by the Minister for Public Transport, and TSC's response, is available below: