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Organisational structure

This page provides an overview of the Taxi Services Commission's (TSC) divisions and structure.

Organisational chart

Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is partnered with the business to enable the effective operation of TSC and delivery of its objectives.

This division provides support and advice to drive organisational efficiency, focusing on improving systems, processes and governance.

It does this by providing support on finance, systems, procurement, record management, and work place services and supplies.

Business Strategy and Planning

Business Strategy and Planning is accountable for the development of the strategic plan for the organisation, monitoring and reporting on the progress against defined objectives.

The division coordinates the development of operational projects and programs that are aligned with the strategic direction of the TSC and have a whole-of-business focus.

The Business Intelligence Team extracts and analyses data and intelligence relating to the industries regulated by the TSC, supporting strategic and operational decision making.

Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement is responsible for establishing, building and strengthening the TSC's brand and relationships with its internal and external stakeholders.

This division communicates with the public and other stakeholders on regulation, government initiatives and other taxi and hire car related issues that arise in the public domain.

It does this through managing media inquiries, correspondence and briefings, the TSC website, various industry publications and through liaison with industry stakeholders.

The team includes the TSC Call Centre which is responsible for the management of incoming calls and plays an important role in dealing with inquiries from the public and industry.

Legal and Regulatory Services

Legal & Regulatory Services is comprised of two Legal Teams, and an Enforcement and Fraud Control Team.

The two Legal Teams provide extensive legal support to the TSC covering areas such as:

  • litigation
  • general legal advice
  • statutory interpretation
  • privacy
  • freedom of information
  • equal opportunity
  • human rights
  • drafting and reviewing contracts
  • assisting with reform implementation.

The Legal Teams also support driver and industry accreditation by managing the disciplinary action processes and complex licensing and accreditation applications.

The Enforcement and Fraud Control Team investigates serious allegations against industry participants of regulatory breaches, fraudulent or other criminal conduct and conduct prosecutions. They also manage internal review processes in relation to infringement notices and liaises with and provides assistance to Victoria Police where criminal conduct is being investigated against industry participants.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) looks after TSC's people, maintaining a fair, respectful and capable workforce. HR provide advice and support to TSC employees about issues such as pay, working conditions, leave entitlements and other work arrangements.

Implementation Reform Project

The Project group is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the implementation of the government reform agenda in partnership with other TSC business units.

Director Operations

Accreditation and Licensing

Accreditation & Licensing administers the accreditation of commercial passenger vehicle drivers, taxi operators, taxi licence holders and booking service providers. The section also approves the issue of commercial passenger vehicle licences and the transfer and assignment of existing licences and is responsible for issuing driver instructor authorities.

Transport Compliance Services

Transport Compliance Services manages and implements compliance activities to regulate the taxi, hire car and driver instructor industries.

Transport Compliance Services includes Industry Compliance Officers (ISOs) who conduct on-road activities to achieve industry compliance, including targeted interventions, joint operations, covert activities and directed inspections.

The division has a strong focus on compliance with vehicle safety and safety initiatives such as driver protection screens and taxi safety cameras.

The Industry Compliance Team manages all taxi, hire car and driving instructor complaints received by the TSC. Complaints are investigated and, where appropriate, actioned for further compliance action.

Accessible Transport Services

Accessible Transport Services (ATS) is responsible for programs and issues related to taxi users with a disability. It administers the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) which provides subsidised taxi travel to people with severe and permanent disabilities.

ATS also engages with the disability sector to ensure the views of people with a disability are heard in the design and implementation of taxi policy and administration.

Operational Policy and Technical Support

Operational Policy and Technical Support provides guidance and direction on how our regulatory discretion is exercised in the construction of a comprehensive policy and procedures manual that will support field operations, licensing and accreditation functions.

This division will drive continuous improvement in our standard operating protocols to ensure transparency, consistency and effectiveness.

In additional this division also plays a key role in the implementation of the government endorsed recommendation for reform to the industry.